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Goodbye 2020!

Happy Holidays!

2020 was the first full year of ADD’s existence - and what a year it has been…

I think everybody will agree that we’ll all be happy to see the back of it and say hello to 2021, but 2020 wasn’t all bad - rights sold, new clients welcomed, books published… So thanks to all of you who made that possible, and I look forward to seeing you - hopefully really seeing you in person! - next year!

Should you worry about running out of reading matter over the holidays, take a look at our lists (organized by the territories rights can be sold to: French-Fiction, French-Non-Fiction, French-Children’s, German and Dutch, World) or look up our website. Delivery of that intriguing novel, riveting thriller, amazing true story, finely-drawn graphic novel, enlightening self-help or instructive business book… is just a click away at

Have a wonderful festive season and a radiant, successful, happy and healthy 2021!

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